What’s Buzzing at CES 2024: A Sneak Peek into the Tech Extravaganza

Get ready for the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), hitting Las Vegas from January 9-12! It’s not your average year as some major U.S. carmakers are sitting this one out, blaming it on the aftermath of the 2023 UAW strike and the financial hiccups. Don’t hold your breath for updates on electric pickups from the big Detroit players, as they’re giving this CES a pass.

Less Cars, More Tech: Brace for AI-Powered Wonders

Despite the automotive absenteeism, CES 2024 promises excitement with a spotlight on AI-driven tech and automation breakthroughs. This year might not boast as many car unveilings, but it’s set to be a rollercoaster ride of innovation. Forget the typical car reveals; we might be tinkering with a tractor and pulling off James Bond moves in a remotely controlled BMW. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Top Stories to Follow at CES 2024

Ditching GM’s Ultium platform, Honda is revving up to showcase a new line of electric cars. VinFast is rolling into the scene with an electric pickup concept and the pint-sized VF3. Mercedes is stepping up its game with a fresh AI-powered virtual assistant. Rimac has plans to spill the beans on its upcoming robotaxi ecosystem scheduled for a 2026 launch. As if that’s not enough, Hyundai-owned Mobis is hitting the CES floor with a whopping 20 mobility “innovations.”

Hold on tight, as Autoblog’s Byron Hurd and James Riswick will be our eyes and ears, sifting through the maze of CES 2024 to bring you the latest, coolest, and downright weirdest gadgets and gizmos. Don’t miss out on the tech extravaganza of the year!

Mark your calendars for CES 2024, January 9-12, and get ready for a ride into the future!