Toyota Unveils New WRC-Inspired Special Editions for the GR Yaris

Toyota has once again stepped into the rally-inspired realm with a pair of special editions for the GR Yaris, paying tribute to the recent World Rally Championship victories. Just like last year, the spotlight is on two accomplished drivers: Kalle Rovanpera and Sebastien Ogier.

Continuing the Rally Legacy

For the past five years, the GR Yaris, skillfully maneuvered by talented drivers, has clinched the Driver’s Championship in the World Rally Championship. From Ott Tanak in 2019 to Sebastien Ogier’s consecutive wins in 2020 and 2021, and finally, Kalle Rovanpera’s triumph in 2022 and 2023—the GR Yaris has been unstoppable.

In celebration of these victories, Toyota introduced two special editions in the Japanese market, showcasing the expertise of Ogier and Rovanpera. Now, in a commendable encore, Toyota is back with two more unique editions, ensuring that the rally spirit lives on.

Individualized Driving Experience

Both of these hot hatches come with two newly tuned driving modes, replacing the stock Track and Gravel modes in the Yaris RZ High Performance. Adding a personal touch, each edition features a Start/Stop button adorned with the respective driver’s name.

Kalle Rovanpera’s Signature Style

Rovanpera’s GR Yaris stands out with a swan-neck rear wing in carbon fiber, 18-inch BBS wheels with striking red brake calipers, and a revamped red, white, and gray camo pattern. The Kalle Mode introduces a rear diff tuned for aggressive maneuvers, enhancing cornering capabilities for shorter race times. Meanwhile, the Donut Mode lets drivers indulge in controlled drifts, perfect for executing stylish handbrake turns.

Sebastien Ogier’s Unique Touch

Ogier’s edition features a larger rear stabilizer, blue brake calipers, and a glossy silver bi-tone finish with black accents on the doors. Inside, the cabin boasts red, white, and blue stitching on the steering wheel, adding a touch of flair. The Seb Mode allocates the majority of torque to the back axle, providing a rear-wheel-drive feel. Additionally, the Morizo Mode, named after Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda’s racing pseudonym, offers a handling tune preferred by Ogier.

Special Perks for Lucky Buyers

Toyota presented these special editions at the Monte Carlo Rally, and plans are underway for a lottery in Japan to determine the fortunate buyers. Those lucky enough to secure one will enjoy perks like having their names featured on Toyota’s WRC cars throughout the 2024 season and special access to the Toyota team during Rally Japan. The rally-inspired saga of the GR Yaris continues, promising a thrilling ride for both drivers and fans alike.