The Cybertruck’s Unusual Windshield Wiper: A ‘Giant Wet Noodle’

When it comes to the Cybertruck’s windshield wiper, it’s not your typical automotive feature. One reviewer, Kyle Conner from Out of Spec Reviews, didn’t hold back in expressing his thoughts, describing the wiper as a “giant wet noodle” in a recent video review.

Flexibility Takes Center Stage

In his comprehensive analysis of Tesla’s electric pickup truck, Conner highlighted the unique flexibility of the Cybertruck’s windshield wiper. Unlike the conventional rigid wipers, the Cybertruck’s wiper seemed to have a remarkable degree of flexibility, as demonstrated in the video. As Conner peeled it off the windshield, the wiper appeared to flop against the window, hanging limp.

“You have the world’s longest series production windshield wiper on a vehicle, which is just crazy,” Conner exclaimed. “The thing is a giant wet noodle. I mean, it’s absolutely insane.”

Speculation and Engineering Challenges

Leading up to the Cybertruck’s delivery event, there was speculation about whether Tesla would stick with the unconventional lone wiper design. The initial concerns arose when pre-release photos indicated that the wiper might struggle to clear substantial portions of the massive windshield.

In a conversation with Jay Leno, Tesla’s VP of vehicle engineering, Lars Moravy, shed light on the engineering challenges. Moravy explained that Tesla had to deviate from a traditional wiper design to effectively handle the water on the Cybertruck’s expansive windshield. The unique wiper, using just under a kilowatt of power, features a spoiler at the end to prevent it from lifting off at high speeds.

While Conner suggested that the wiper on his Cybertruck might be missing a second blade, it remains unclear whether this was a one-off issue or a variation in the delivered vehicles. Despite its noodle-like appearance, Conner acknowledged that the wiper moved swiftly for its size.

Elon Musk, the mastermind behind the Cybertruck, had previously acknowledged the challenges posed by the vehicle’s massive windshield, stating that finding an easy solution was no small feat. In fact, the initial 2019 design for the Cybertruck didn’t even include windshield wipers, emphasizing the unique approach Tesla took in addressing this particular design challenge.