Tesla Cybertruck Adventure: A 1340-Mile Road Trip Unveiled

Dennis Wang, a YouTuber and avid Tesla enthusiast, recently embarked on a 1340-mile road trip in the highly anticipated Cybertruck. In a journey spanning from Austin, Texas, to Joshua Tree National Park in California, Wang aimed to put the electric pickup through its paces, sharing his experiences on his YouTube channel, DennisCW.

Spacious Comfort with Some Hiccups

Wang lauded the Cybertruck for its spacious design and overall comfort, marking it as the most comfortable Tesla in his ownership experience. However, the road trip did not go without its challenges. Despite Tesla’s claimed range of 320 miles for the Foundation Series, Wang noted instances where it felt like the range was halved, requiring frequent stops to recharge. He attributed this inefficiency to cooler temperatures in Texas and his penchant for speeding.

Challenges with Charging and Infotainment Glitches

Charging the Cybertruck posed unexpected challenges for Wang, particularly at Tesla’s Superchargers. The larger size of the Cybertruck made it tricky to position for optimal cable reach, leading to some inconveniences during the journey. Additionally, around 12 hours into the trip, the truck’s infotainment system glitched, with the screen going black. While the system remained responsive, the lack of backlight forced Wang and his friend to rely on the Tesla app for control until the screen eventually lit back up after several hours.

Despite these hiccups, Wang expressed his overall enjoyment of the experience. The Cybertruck’s interior and build quality left a positive impression, fueling his excitement for the future of Tesla’s vehicle designs.

“It’s a fantastic truck. The interior and build quality are definitely one of Tesla’s best. It makes me really excited for what future Teslas will look like,” Wang concluded.