Suzuki’s New Concepts: Exploring Mountain Trails and Culinary Arts

Suzuki is making waves with its innovative concepts set to debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The spotlight is on Suzuki, especially after Japanese tuner DAMD transformed two Suzuki Jimnys into the Little 5 and Little Delta, paying homage to classic Renault and Lancia models. Suzuki isn’t far behind with its own set of intriguing designs, including fresh takes on the Swift hatchback and the Spacia kei van, which are different from their appearances at the Tokyo Auto Show.

The main attraction is the latest, fourth-generation 2024 Swift hatchback, also known as the Swift Cool Yellow Rev Concept. This model is more of an upgrade of the third-gen Swift, sporting a striking look with a black roof, black pillars, a yellowish-green body, and sleek black wheels. It features a glossy black grille, smoked lenses for the LED headlights and taillights, and a vinyl wrap that highlights the front-wheel-drive version released in Japan last December.

Another eye-catcher is the Super Carry Mountain Trail Concept, a smaller version of an overlanding build, based on Suzuki’s Super Carry truck. Despite its modest 11-foot length, it’s packed with features like an exterior roll cage, tube doors, a roof rack, light bar, off-road bucket seats, window grilles, front skid plate, D-rings, a Hi-Lift jack, and rugged tires. This concept aims to showcase the versatility of commercial vehicles beyond traditional work settings.

Lastly, we have the intriguingly named Spacia Papa Boku Kitchen Concept. This kei car’s exterior belies a fully-equipped kitchen in the cargo area, designed for family cooking adventures while camping. The details of this culinary setup will be unveiled at the show.

The Tokyo Auto Salon, happening in Chiba City, Japan, from January 12-14, will showcase these Suzuki concepts alongside other exciting features like a rugged Nissan Rogue off-roader and Toyota’s GR Yaris with an eight-speed direct automatic transmission.