Stellantis Unveils Game-Changing STLA Large Platform for Electric and Gas-Powered Rides

In a whirlwind of excitement, fresh details have emerged about Stellantis’ STLA Large platform, set to revolutionize the ride experience for Dodge and Jeep enthusiasts. Forget the mundane; this platform promises to be the beating heart beneath the hoods of the upcoming Jeep Wagoneer S and the next-gen Dodge Charger.

Versatility at its Core

Stellantis has spilled the beans on the STLA Large, describing it as the go-to platform for D- and E-segment vehicles, covering the spectrum from classy cars to rugged SUVs. Picture it as the backbone for midsize and large rides, offering dimensions ranging from 187.6 to 201.8 inches in length and a width spanning from 74.7 to 79.9 inches. But what sets it apart is its incredible flexibility, allowing adjustments in overhangs, wheelbase, suspension, and powertrain setup.

Powertrains that Wow

Hold on to your seats; the STLA Large isn’t just about size – it’s about powertrain prowess. With support for front-, rear-, and all-wheel-drive layouts, along with single- and dual-motor options, this platform is a playground for customization. And here’s the kicker – you can go for the traditional internal combustion engine or dip your toes into the hybrid world. Longitudinal or transverse engine placement? Take your pick.

Juiced Up and Ready to Roll

Battery enthusiasts, rejoice! The STLA Large platform doesn’t skimp on the electric front. Offering battery packs ranging from 85 to 118 kWh, Stellantis claims that sedans on this platform could boast a jaw-dropping 500-mile range. Plus, with 400- and 800-volt designs, it’s ready for the big leagues. And here’s the cherry on top – it’s designed to embrace future energy storage technologies seamlessly.

Performance Unleashed

Buckle up for a wild ride because the STLA Large means business. Stellantis hints at models hitting 0-to-62 mph in a mere 2 seconds. Throw in limited-slip differentials for power precision and wheel-end disconnects to reduce mechanical drag, and you’ve got a recipe for automotive exhilaration.

Jeep and Dodge Leading the Charge

The STLA Large platform isn’t a distant dream – it’s happening now. Dodge and Jeep will be the trailblazers, with vehicles hitting the streets this year. And it doesn’t stop there; Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, and Maserati are also gearing up to join the STLA Large party. Brace yourselves for eight thrilling rides from Stellantis, hitting the roads by 2026. The future of driving just got a serious upgrade.