Sony Honda Mobility Unveils Enhanced Afeela Concept at CES 2024

Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) made a comeback at CES this year, revealing an updated version of their Afeela concept. While the exterior remains unchanged, the partnership emphasizes ongoing behind-the-scenes developments that are steadily improving the hardware, all in anticipation of its planned release later in the decade.

Doubling Down on Autonomy for Honda’s Future

In a strategic move, the collaboration between Sony and Honda underscores a strong commitment to advancing autonomy. The aim is to equip Honda with cutting-edge technology, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the evolving automotive landscape. Despite Honda’s existing driver aid suite, which is robust though not flawless, the company has refrained from delving into higher levels of driverless autonomy. Instead, their focus has been on developing electric vehicles with a driver-centric approach. Although Honda has hinted at the inevitability of self-driving cars, a major autonomous concept is yet to emerge since the company’s commitment to electrification.

In a bid to enhance the in-car experience, SHM has partnered with Epic Games. This collaboration promises to bring new and immersive “experiences” to the cabin, possibly introducing entertainment options akin to what Tesla offers, including games.

As the company works diligently behind the scenes, the countdown is on for SHM to unveil a fully realized production car. Anticipated customer deliveries could commence as early as 2026, barring any unforeseen global supply chain disruptions or other unexpected challenges.