Sneak Peek: 2025 Buick Enclave Unveils Its Wild Side with a Hint of EV Swagger

Buckle up, Buick enthusiasts! The much-anticipated 2025 Buick Enclave is making its way to the spotlight, and the excitement is real. Forget the spy photos; Buick has just dropped some tantalizing sketches, giving us an official sneak peek at what’s in store for this three-row SUV.

EV Flair without the Cord

While the Enclave isn’t making the leap to electric just yet, it’s not holding back on embracing the sleek styling vibes inspired by the Buick Wildcat EV Concept. The sketches reveal a familiar yet bold approach, featuring distinctive running lights, a grille that’s both low and wide, and some captivating sculpting on the lower front bumper. Buick is clearly taking cues from its EV dreams, even if they haven’t hit the showroom floor yet.

Duncan Aldred, VP of Buick and GMC, Shares the Excitement

Duncan Aldred, the brains behind Buick’s design moves, chimes in on the big reveal. “With this first glimpse of the next-generation Enclave, the flagship of our lineup, we’re continuing to lead with design, technology, and Buick’s unique premium persona,” says Aldred, oozing confidence about what’s in store.

Sketches vs. Reality

Sure, we’ve seen those spy shots circulating, both inside and outside the Enclave. But these sketches promise a more aggressive and outwardly edgy look than what the spies have captured so far. Now, we know sketches can be a bit like Instagram filters for cars – enhancing the drama – but it does leave us with high hopes. The big reveal, along with all the juicy features and pricing details, is set to drop “later this year.” Get ready for the Enclave to steal the show!