Rolls-Royce Unveils Year of the Dragon-Inspired Custom Creations

Rolls-Royce recently showcased its creative flair by bringing to life four unique cars inspired by the upcoming Year of the Dragon. Contrary to expectations, these bespoke creations aren’t limited to the Chinese market, with orders spanning three different continents.

A Global Touch: Lunar New Year-themed Rides Across Continents

In a departure from the norm, Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke department crafted three units of the Phantom Extended and one stunning example of the Cullinan, all drawing inspiration from the Year of the Dragon festivities beginning on February 10 in China.

The design journey kicked off with the creation of a special dragon logo for these four distinctive builds. Meticulously hand-stitched or painted, the logo stands out as a unique emblem for each vehicle.

Red Elegance: Symbolism and Design Merge

The color red, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune in Chinese culture, takes center stage in three out of the four cars. A standout among them is a Phantom Extended model flaunting a captivating two-tone Cherry Red and silver finish. This striking design features hand-painted Phoenix Red pinstripes and the specially crafted dragon logo on the fenders. Meanwhile, the Cullinan exudes sophistication with its Selby Gray and Cherry Red exterior, complemented by white pinstripes and logos. The second Phantom, boasting a classic black exterior with Phoenix Red pinstripes, takes a subtler approach sans the dragon logos.

The intricate dragon logo gracing the dashboards of three of these cars undergoes a meticulous process spanning over two weeks. Executed by a single artist, the logo comes to life in four stages, using multiple shades of red to achieve a stunning 3D effect.

For those who appreciate finer details, gaze upward to find another awe-inspiring element—the Starlight headliner. This masterpiece features a dragon formed by 677 stars, creating a celestial spectacle. The meticulous design process spanned over three months, with over 20 hours invested in bringing this ethereal creation to life.

While the price tag for these bespoke commissions remains undisclosed, it’s safe to say that for those seeking a Rolls-Royce inspired by the Year of the Dragon, the experience is priceless.