Minnesota Takes the Crown: A Road Rage Oasis

If you’ve found yourself stuck in traffic recently, chances are you’ve encountered or, let’s be honest, been one of those frustrated drivers on the road. Road rage is just a part of the driving experience, but turns out, some states handle it better than others. According to a study by Finn, a car subscription service that mashed up data from various sources, Arizona takes the cake for being the hotspot of road rage, so maybe a deep breath before hitting the road is in order.

A Tale of Two Extremes: Best and Worst Offenders

While Arizona, Montana, and South Carolina earned the title of the worst road rage offenders in the country, there’s a silver lining on the opposite end. Minnesota drivers seem to have mastered the art of keeping their cool, experiencing the least road rage. Following closely are the paradisiacal drivers of Hawaii and the chill folks in New Hampshire.

In contrast, Arizona isn’t just leading in cacti and desert landscapes; it also boasts the highest number of confrontational drivers. Joining the ranks of intense road rage states are Rhode Island, West Virginia, Virginia, and Oklahoma, making it quite a competitive field for road rage championships.

Hawaii’s Aloha Spirit Extends to the Roads

It’s not surprising that Hawaiians, surrounded by paradise and the constant influx of tourists, maintain a sense of calm on the roads. After all, it’s pretty hard to stay angry in the midst of such serene surroundings. Meanwhile, despite its proximity to the notorious “Massholes” in Boston, New Hampshire manages to escape the spillover anger, ranking right behind Minnesota for the least road rage.

Finn’s investigation didn’t stop there; they also delved into states with the most fatal accidents. Montana, South Carolina, and Wyoming took the unfortunate lead, while Mississippi, South Carolina, and Arkansas topped the charts for total deaths in car accidents, including pedestrians and those not directly involved in the crash.

Penalties and Road Etiquette: State by State

Some states take a stern stance on aggressive driving, with California leading the pack where drivers could face up to four years in jail. In contrast, Arizona, the road rage champion in this study, has a maximum jail sentence of six months. On the lenient side, Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Delaware opt for a more relaxed approach with no licensing actions for aggressive driving.