Mesa, Arizona Welcomes the Arrival of the First All-Electric Fire Truck in the U.S.

In a groundbreaking move, Mesa Fire and Medical Department Station 221 proudly houses the first all-electric fire truck in the United States. Unlike Los Angeles, which received a European-style electric fire truck with a range-extender engine, Mesa’s new addition, the E-One Vector, is exclusively powered by a robust 327-kWh battery, designed and constructed in the American style by Emergency One in Florida.

Powerful Performance and Unmatched Electric Pumping Duration

The heart of the E-One Vector is its massive 327-kWh battery, fueling a 400-kW electric motor with an impressive 536 horsepower. This powerhouse can channel its energy to either the rear axle or the pump system. When engaged in pumping, the motor can swiftly deplete the truck’s 530-gallon onboard water and foam tank. Connected to a water supply, the pumper can deliver up to 1,250 gallons per minute or sustain 750 gallons per minute through four hoses for an unprecedented four hours on a full charge, boasting the longest electric pumping duration in the industry.

For fire departments opting for a range-extender engine, the maximum flow rate increases to 1,500 gallons per minute, lasting as long as the gasoline does. With a 120-kW maximum fast-charge rate and a dedicated DC fast charger back at the station, the Vector’s battery can be fully replenished in about 3.5 hours.

Financial Aspects and Environmental Commitment

While Los Angeles invested $1.2 million in the Rosenbauer RTX, Mesa authorities haven’t disclosed the price of the E-One Vector, citing funding from a 2018 voter-approved bond issue and the city’s general fund. The undisclosed cost, however, aligns with current prices for traditional diesel-powered pumpers, reflecting significant inflation over the past few years.

Mesa’s decision to adopt an electric fire truck is part of a broader initiative to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. As the Vector operates solely on electricity, it is expected to surpass Los Angeles’s impressive record of almost entirely electric operation for its Rosenbauer RTX, setting a high standard for reducing vehicle emissions.