Mercury Marine’s Latest Electric Boat Motors: A Splash of Innovation

Guess what’s making waves at CES? It’s not just the latest tech gadgets but Mercury Marine’s new electric boat motors. And no, this isn’t a joke from our sister site Aquablog. The 7.5e has already made a splash, but the real show-stealers are the upcoming 20e, 35e, 75e, and 110e models. These motors, ranging from 3 to 15 horsepower, are set to redefine the boating experience.

Power in Every Size: The Avator Series

The Avator series introduces a range of electric boat motors, from the 20e to the mighty 110e, tailored to fit existing motor mounts on various boats, with pontoon boats likely being a popular choice in the United States. The numbers on these motors translate to 2-3 horsepower, 5 hp, and 9.9 hp for the first three sizes. Performance data for the two largest motors is yet to be unveiled.

While the 7.5e boasts an integrated battery pack, the larger models require separate packs, available in 1-, 2.3-, or 5.4-kilowatt-hour sizes. Initially, the 20e will come with the 2.3-kWh pack, while the 35e will require two. Mercury Marine provides these battery packs along with a power control module to ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards, along with brackets for secure installation.

Mercury Marine emphasizes the adaptability of this electric propulsion system, offering the possibility of retrofitting existing boats or integrating it into new ones, especially pontoons. To make this transition smooth, Mercury is collaborating with individual boat dealers and manufacturers, even dispatching product integration engineers when needed.

Mercury Marine claims that even the smallest motor in this series could propel a pontoon boat up to 20 mph, meeting the needs of most boaters. The range is estimated to be one hour at full throttle or an impressive five hours at 50% throttle. Recharging, whether by hauling out the battery packs or utilizing an AC breaker installed on the boat, is designed to be both convenient and efficient.

As for the burning question of price, Mercury Marine hasn’t spilled all the beans, but the 20e comes with a price tag of $6,500, and the 35e is priced at $10,500, including the power control unit. The 2.3-kWh battery pack, essential for these models, adds $1,989 to the cost. Crunch the numbers, and you’re looking at $8,489 for the 20e and $14,478 for the 35e, excluding installation costs. It seems like a worthwhile investment for a smooth and environmentally friendly ride on the water.