Mercedes-Benz EQE Sedan and SUV: Upgrades for 2024

Mercedes-Benz’s EQ lineup has been a hot topic lately, especially with rumors of the EQ name possibly disappearing in 2024. It’s easy to forget that the EQE sedans and SUVs are still relatively new, having been around for just a year or two. But that hasn’t stopped Mercedes from making some significant improvements to both the EQE sedan and SUV models.

Enhanced Powertrain Efficiency

One of the notable improvements across all variants of the EQE sedan and SUV is the addition of a heat pump. This clever addition improves powertrain efficiency in varying weather conditions, addressing a common complaint about EVs struggling with changing climates.

Better Braking System

Mercedes has also taken steps to address another issue that reviewers and drivers have raised – braking modulation at low speeds. Although the exact changes aren’t detailed, Mercedes introduced a new and improved braking system to rectify this problem, promising smoother braking performance.

Improved Traction Control

For all-wheel-drive (AWD) trims, there’s a new feature: a disconnect function that shuts down the front motor when it’s not needed for traction. This not only enhances efficiency but also provides a more dynamic driving experience.

Hyperscreen as Standard

The EQE 500, available in both sedan and SUV body styles, now comes standard with Mercedes’ impressive Hyperscreen. This 56-inch display was previously reserved for the EQS, but it’s now a standard feature in the EQE 500.

Bigger Battery for EQE SUV

The 2023 EQE SUV came with a standard 90.6-kWh battery. However, in 2024, the entry-level rear-wheel-drive EQE 350+ gets an upgrade with a larger 96-kWh battery. Meanwhile, the AWD trim retains the 90.6-kWh pack. These changes don’t affect motor output, with the rear-wheel-drive model still delivering 288 horsepower. However, the AWD EQE 500 now boasts a bigger battery and maintains its peak output of 536 hp.

Enhanced Convenience and Style

Mercedes has also made improvements in the convenience and cosmetic departments. The EQ sound experience for the cabin is now included in the purchase price, and a powered charge port door is part of the package. Additionally, new 20-inch wheels add a touch of style to these electric vehicles.

Extended Range in Europe

In Europe, the EQE 350+ SUV with rear-wheel drive now boasts an additional 20 miles in its WLTP certification, offering a total range of 390 miles on a single charge. The EQE 500 4Matic SUV also benefits from the larger battery, extending its range by 32 miles to reach 375 miles on a charge.

U.S. Range and Pricing Details

Unfortunately, there’s no information yet on how these changes will affect the range of the EQE models in the U.S., as the EPA hasn’t released figures for the 2023 EQE. However, we do have pricing details for the 2024 models. The AMG versions of the 2024 EQE sedan and SUV are rated at 230 miles and 235 miles on a single charge, respectively, both equipped with the smaller 90.6-kWh battery pack.

Pricing Information

When it comes to pricing, Mercedes has kept things consistent for the sedan across all trims. Here’s a breakdown of the figures after the $1,150 destination charge:


  • EQE 350+: $76,050
  • EQE 350+ 4Matic: $79,050
  • EQE 500: $87,050
  • AMG EQE: $109,200

The SUV, on the other hand, has only one change – a discount on the EQE 500 model:


  • EQE 350+: $79,050
  • EQE 350+ 4Matic: $79,050
  • EQE 500: $87,050 ($3,600 less)
  • AMG EQE: $110,450 (New model)

With these upgrades and adjustments, Mercedes-Benz aims to make its EQE lineup even more appealing to electric vehicle enthusiasts, offering enhanced performance and features without breaking the bank.