McDonald’s Classic Hamburglar Cruises in a Custom 1970 Barracuda: Will He Drive It Like He Stole It?

McDonald’s beloved fictional characters like Ronald McDonald and the mischievous Hamburglar have been somewhat out of the spotlight lately, but they’re not forgotten. In fact, the iconic burger bandit is making a comeback in style with a new set of wheels. The fast-food giant recently revealed a custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that will serve as a mobile platform for the stripe-clad character as part of a nationwide marketing campaign.

Burgercuda: A Ride with Flair

The Hamburglar, donning his signature stripes, will be hitting the road in the old MOPAR, dubbed the “Burgercuda,” to spread the word about McDonald’s revamped hamburger recipes. Folks who spot the car can scan a code and nab themselves a free burger along with other McDonald’s goodies. Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, expressed the company’s commitment to enhancing their offerings: “McDonald’s built a legacy on serving delicious burgers, but anytime we have an opportunity to make the best even better, we take it. It’s no surprise these changes caught the attention of our biggest burger fan – the Hamburglar.”

The car is a feast for the eyes, featuring Hamburglar’s trademark stripes both inside and out, while the hubcaps cleverly mimic burger buns. Inside, there’s even a burger warmer in the center console, and the spare tire is disguised as a colossal cheeseburger. Paying homage to Hamburglar’s famous catchphrase, the hood scoop and license plate boast “RBL RBL” graphics.

In conjunction with the promotion, McDonald’s is offering the chance to win free burgers for a year. Interested participants can visit, enter their details, and cross their fingers for a shot at the prize. The company touts their improved burgers with “small but tasty improvements,” such as softer buns, new cheese, onions added to the patties while grilling, and extra Big Mac sauce for that irresistible flavor. As they put it, “They’re so delicious … they’ve drawn the Hamburglar back into a life of burger crime.” Let’s just hope Grimace doesn’t feel left out of the fun.