Luggage Space Exploration in the Lexus RX: Unpacking the Cargo Area

So, let’s talk about the luggage capacity in the Lexus RX. The outgoing model got a bit of a bad rap for its seemingly puny cargo volume, but it turns out that was just a case of measuring apples against oranges. The published figure was between the cargo floor and the roll-out cargo cover, not the industry standard floor-to-ceiling measurement. The new RX, however, boasts a more respectable 29.6 cubic feet of space, closer to what you’d expect from a midsize SUV.

The Cargo Zone: What’s in Store for Your Stuff

Taking a peek into the cargo area of every RX version, including the plug-in hybrid, we find a consistent cargo volume. Now, I can’t speak for other trim levels, but in the plug-in hybrid, there are just some bins, nothing too handy for stashing your bags, though you can keep the charge cable if you’re feeling eco-conscious.

Let’s chat about the cargo cover – it’s a sizable cartridge-style contraption that eats up some space. Unlike some SUVs, there’s no convenient underfloor storage or a great spot to park it during testing. So, I tried it both with and without the cover, keeping things real.

Bag Tetris: How Much Can You Really Pack?

In my typical luggage test fashion, I threw in two midsize roller suitcases, two overhead-friendly roll-aboard suitcases, and a smaller one for good measure. Plus, I tossed in my wife’s chic overnight bag because why not?

Surprisingly, everything snugly fits under the cargo cover – a rare feat for compact SUVs. Credit might go to the RX’s extra width, compensating for the somewhat shallow depth from floor to cover. This looks to be around the space you’d find in a 16 cubic-foot trunk, give or take. And yes, it’s evident that there’s room for another duffle bag, but that’s about it.

Now, let’s ditch the cover:

But before we do that, let’s discuss the RX’s cargo area height. Or, more accurately, the lack thereof. It’s almost wagon-like, with minimal space between the ceiling and the oversized gray bag up top. This made stacking bags for maximum space a no-go, maintaining rear visibility and preventing the big bags from standing upright.

Without the cover, it’s a bit more evident what we’re working with. I managed to squeeze in my 38-quart cooler alongside the regular assortment of bags. There’s even some spare room between the cooler and the black bag standing tall, waiting to be filled.

In conclusion, the RX delivers a solid performance – pretty much what you’d expect from a midsize luxury SUV. It outshines its sibling, the Lexus NX, but not by a significant margin. So, when it comes to hauling your gear, the RX isn’t playing games, but it’s not breaking any records either.