Lancia’s Upcoming Ypsilon: A Fresh Look Ahead

When we last talked about the upcoming Lancia Ypsilon, it was being fished out of a canal by the French authorities. Yes, that’s right, a pre-production prototype of this hatchback had an unexpected aquatic adventure near a Peugeot factory. Oddly enough, it had disappeared a month earlier near a Stellantis factory in Spain, sparking intrigue. But now, Lancia is determined to steer the conversation away from canals and towards the excitement of its forthcoming release.

This upcoming Ypsilon marks a significant milestone for Lancia, as it’s the first new model since 2011. It’s also the first step in the company’s ambitious 10-year Renaissance Plan. This roadmap includes the launch of a new battery-electric Lancia flagship in 2026 and an electric Delta revival in 2028. The teasers for the new Ypsilon are turning heads, especially with its partnership with Italian furniture company Cassina.

The teaser model, rumored to be an “Edizione Limitata Cassina,” is set to be produced in limited quantities, with only 1,906 units. This number pays homage to the carmaker’s founding in 1906. Lancia’s official images showcase the classic elegance that the brand is known for. They also draw inspiration from the Pu+Ra HPE concept introduced in April 2023, promising a blend of sophistication and innovation.

There’s more to this Ypsilon than meets the eye, as hinted by the intriguing tech features. One image highlights a glowing blue disc, possibly positioned above the infotainment screen. The word “SALA,” also in blue on the disc, translates to “living room” in Italian but signifies Lancia’s tech interface – an acronym for Sound, Air, Light, and Augmentation. This in-car assistant is designed to centralize audio, climate control, and lighting functions, making it easy to customize the car’s environment with a simple touch or voice command.

The Ypsilon also introduces Stellantis’ TAPE (Tailored Predictive Experiences), which offers three distinct cabin ambience modes: Immersive, Wellbeing, and Entertainment.

For those curious about its appearance, an Instagram user, gaetanogiordano63, shared sneak peeks of what seems to be an early production model in white. Surprisingly, these spy shots provide a fresh perspective, despite our previous glimpse of the Ypsilon in a canal.

More details are on the horizon, as Lancia plans to unveil the new crossover in February, featuring a battery-electric version. Built on Stellantis’ CMP architecture, a hybrid powertrain variant is expected to follow, possibly shared with the Jeep Avenger and Alfa Romeo Milano. This Ypsilon may not be intended for us, but it certainly piques our curiosity. And who knows, maybe the Delta will follow suit with its own surprises.