Kia’s Exciting Unveil: The Platform Beyond Vehicle (PBV) Revolution

Kia has just dropped a bombshell at CES 2024 with the introduction of its Platform Beyond Vehicle, or PBV for short. Forget one groundbreaking vehicle – Kia has unveiled five of them! The Concept PV5 makes up three versions, joined by the Concept PV7 and the Concept PV1, all proudly electric.

Adaptable and Dynamic: The PBV Fleet

The PBV lineup aims to redefine versatility with its fleet of modular vehicles, designed to swiftly adapt to various needs. Picture this: a single vehicle chassis serving as a canvas for multiple “life modules,” transforming from a daytime taxi to a nighttime delivery van and even a weekend recreational vehicle. It’s all about versatility on the go.

Kia’s vision is clear: a fixed cab, or ‘driver zone,’ forms the foundation, with interchangeable upper bodies seamlessly connecting via hybrid electromagnetic and mechanical coupling technology. It’s the perfect recipe for a vehicle that can wear different hats, or in this case, different body styles.

Practical Design for Every Occasion

The PV vehicles share a practical design language – van-like with a focus on maximizing utility behind the driver, keeping a compact footprint. The Concept PV5, set to have four different body styles, ranging from Basic to Chassis Cab, promises adaptability for diverse needs. Kia even hints at a potential robotaxi version through a partnership with autonomy company Aptiv.

Moving on to the PV7, it’s the king of space and amenities, with the largest wheelbase and an emphasis on comfort. In contrast, the PV1 takes a unique route with its hatchback style, designed for short-distance travel and maneuvering through tight spaces.

Transformative Living Spaces on Wheels

The PVs are not just vehicles; they’re envisioned as living spaces on wheels. Featuring a modular rail system, these PBVs offer easy customization with cabinets, shelves, and more. Kia emphasizes quick in-field transformations, envisioning scenarios from mobile pop-up shops to comfortable people-movers and transportation for those with mobility challenges.

Photos hint at a futuristic experience with a driver and front passenger area sporting a massive wraparound screen, a retractable steering wheel, and a removable tablet for infotainment. A consistent living room theme runs through the Concept PVs, making them more than just vehicles – they’re inviting hangout spots.

This isn’t just a CES concept; Kia is serious about the PBV revolution. Plans for a dedicated assembly plant are underway, promising production by 2025 and up to 150,000 vehicles per year. The PBV system includes a business and tracking system for efficient fleet management.

While it’s uncertain if these vehicles will hit the U.S. market, the PBV fleet is undoubtedly a game-changer, bringing adaptability, comfort, and innovation to the forefront of Kia’s automotive vision. Stay tuned for updates in the coming years!