Honda’s Electric 0 Series: Unveiling the Scoop from CES 2024

So, Honda rolled out its brand-new electric 0 Series at CES this week, and you bet we were buzzing with questions. Lucky for us, Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe stepped up to the plate, giving us the lowdown on the upcoming electric lineup and the grand plans Honda has in store for the United States come 2026. Here’s the juicy scoop on the 0 Series and the sleek rides it’s bringing to the table.

Possibly Sooner than 2026: A Surprise Entry?

Honda isn’t playing games when it comes to the 0 Series. While the official word is that a production model, based on the ‘Saloon’ concept, will hit North American roads in 2026, whispers suggest we might be in for a surprise earlier than expected. Mibe kept tight-lipped on the details, leaving us to speculate. Treat 2026 as the deadline, but don’t rule out any wild cards.

Expanding Horizons: New Segments on the Horizon

The 0 Series is no one-trick pony. Initially, it’s stepping into the ring as a “mid-large” platform, roughly translating to midsize for all intents and purposes. Think cars comparable in size to Honda’s existing Accord, Passport, and the Odyssey minivan. However, Honda isn’t stopping there. Plans include rolling out 0 Series models with different footprints later on, from small-car platforms for subcompacts and compacts (hello, Honda City, HR-V, Civic, CR-V fans!) to an even larger platform, possibly for a Pilot equivalent. The possibilities are endless, and we’re here for it.

No Love Lost: Honda and GM Still Going Strong

Rumors of a rift between Honda and General Motors over the dissolution of their small cars partnership? Mibe dismisses it outright. According to him, the split had nothing to do with technological limitations but rather diverging long-term electrification strategies. Honda and GM are still tight, collaborating on autonomous technology with GM’s Cruise division. “Our relationship is great with GM,” Mibe reassures.

Counting Down the Years: The 0 Series Expiration Date

As much as Mibe envisions the 0 Series evolving over its lifespan, there’s a catch—it already has an expiration date. Honda plans to ride the 0 Series wave from 2026 until 2031 or 2032, after which it gracefully bows out. Mibe keeps the replacement under wraps, hinting at the industry’s anticipation for the breakthrough in battery tech that will make EVs truly affordable. Is it planned obsolescence, or just the march of progress? The future will tell.

Acura’s Own Path: Not Just 0 Series Redux

Hold up, Acura fans. The 0 Series is a Honda exclusive. While Acura is on Honda’s agenda, Mibe assures us it won’t be a mere repetition of the 0 Series. Acura’s platform will have its own identity, rocking a unique name and distinct bodywork. Until Honda spills the beans on Acura’s electric future, we’ll be on the edge of our seats, eagerly awaiting the reveal.