Honda Takes Action to Address Shattered Rear Windows in 2023 HR-V

In response to multiple customer reports about the unexpected shattering of rear windows in the 2023 HR-V crossover, Honda is stepping up to address the issue. Despite no official recall being issued yet, the automaker has issued a service bulletin to tackle the problem head-on.

Identifying the Culprit: Sealer and Rear Defroster Heat

Consumer Reports, who encountered the problem firsthand with one of their test vehicles in the chilly weather of New England, brought attention to the situation. Honda’s investigation has revealed that the adhesive sealer, responsible for holding the rear window in place, may come into contact with the heating element for the rear defroster. This contact creates a hot spot that, over time, can lead to fatigue in the material. If the weakness progresses, it might result in the entire rear window shattering. At least 300 customers have reported such incidents, as per Honda’s communication to NHTSA.

According to Consumer Reports, the good news is that no injuries occurred in their experience, and the cargo in the rear remained undamaged. However, the aftermath involved cleaning up glass shards from the driveway, and the cargo area was left vulnerable to weather and potential theft.

Free Glass Replacement, but No Recall Yet

Honda is taking a proactive approach by offering free inspections and glass replacements for affected HR-Vs. However, the company has not initiated a safety recall. Why? Honda asserts that while the shattered glass could be alarming for occupants, there is no inherent safety threat associated with the problem. Surprisingly, the automaker even encourages owners to continue using their rear defrosters as needed.

Dealers are gearing up to handle replacement requests, with the process set to commence in April. Meanwhile, customers experiencing such incidents can reach out to Honda’s customer service at 800-999-1009 for assistance. Despite the absence of a formal recall, Honda’s commitment to addressing the issue and ensuring customer satisfaction remains evident.