Genesis X Snow Speedium: A Winter Makeover for a Stunning Concept

Remember the eye-catching Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept? Well, it’s making a comeback, and this time it’s all geared up for winter, draped in a fresh coat of white paint. Genesis surprised us with the unveiling of the Genesis X Snow Speedium Concept on its socials this week, and it’s just as breathtaking as when we first laid eyes on it at the N.Y. Auto Show.

Winter-Ready Transformation

The transformation goes beyond the change in color. The lower side air intakes on the front bumper now house LED fog lights, enhancing visibility through the snowy terrain. A new set of more understated wheels, paired with what seems to be winter tires, replace the original flashy ones. The calipers, once lime green, are now stealthy black. Adding to the winter vibe, the roof boasts a rack that cleverly integrates a taillight, forming a bar across the rear. And what would a winter setup be without a couple of skis securely strapped to the roof rack?

While the rear maintains its typical design, Genesis has painted sections of the rear valance/diffuser area in body color, a departure from the previous black finish. Overall, the Genesis X Snow Speedium Concept offers a captivating reinterpretation of the Speedium Coupe. The buzz around potential production versions of Genesis X Concepts has been persistent, making it even more thrilling to see Genesis not only revisiting but also evolving its creations over a year after the model’s debut.