Explore the Volvo Museum Before the Transformation into World of Volvo in April 2024

Volvo recently bid farewell to its museum in Gothenburg, Sweden, in December 2023, but the good news is that fans won’t have to wait long to catch a glimpse of the classic car collection. The brand is gearing up to unveil “World of Volvo,” a fresh venue set to open its doors in April 2024, just south of Gothenburg.

A Fusion of All Things Volvo

Imagine a space that encapsulates everything Volvo-related under one roof – that’s the essence of World of Volvo. It brings to mind the Autostadt complex operated by Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany. While some of the museum’s vintage cars will make a return as part of a dedicated exhibit, the venue promises much more. From meeting spaces and concert halls to areas for guest speakers and workshops, Volvo aims to create an engaging and ever-changing experience for visitors.

The charm of the old museum lay in its ability to showcase the entirety of Volvo’s past, ranging from the debut ÖV 4 in 1927 to contemporary concepts like the Adventure Concept Car (ACC) from the 2001 Geneva auto show. It was a treasure trove for enthusiasts, featuring classics such as the PV36 Carioca, the elegant P1800 coupes, and the iconic boxy 240. Even newer classics like the 400- and 900-Series models found their place in the spotlight.

From Greatest Hits to the Unconventional

The old Volvo museum wasn’t just about putting the brand’s greatest hits on display. It delved into the quirky and unusual, featuring gems like the Philip from 1953, a scaled-down American car with chrome galore and a hefty 3.6-liter V8. There was also the 1972 Volvo Experimental Safety Car (VESC), a tech-loaded marvel with anti-lock brakes, airbags, and a rear-view camera. The 263 GL from 1975 even explored the concept of a two-door hatchback version of the 200-Series.

Volvo’s racing legacy, often overlooked in its current lineup, was a star in the museum. Learn about its triumph in the East Africa Rally with a 1965 PV544 and how it made history by entering a station wagon in the British Touring Car Championship with a 1994 850.

As we anticipate the transformation of the Volvo museum into the dynamic World of Volvo, take a virtual stroll through our gallery and share which Volvo classic you’d love to take home in the comments below.