Dreaming of the 2024 Porsche Macan EV: Our Unique Builds

The 2024 Porsche Macan EV has hit the scene, and guess what? The configurator is ready for action! Dive into the world of limitless choices as you embark on crafting your very own electric Porsche SUV. Sure, your dream Porsche might be a 911 GT3, but trust us, the Macan’s configurator is a joyride in itself.

Endless Customization at Your Fingertips

Porsche’s knack for customization shines through in the Macan’s configurator, offering unparalleled options within its price range. Prices can soar, with some builds crossing the $150,000 mark, well beyond the Turbo’s $106,950 starting point. Get a taste of the configurator fun here, and check out how our editors brought their Macans to life for a dash of inspiration.

Road Test Editor Zac Palmer: Crafting Luxury with a Splash of Frozen Blue

For my Macan build, money was no object, and naturally, I went for the Turbo. Provence’s purple allure almost got me, but I settled for the captivating Frozen Blue Metallic. The spending spree kicked off with 22-inch Exclusive Design Wheels in Carbon Fiber, and it only got more extravagant from there. To balance the black trim, I opted for the Offroad Design Package in Exterior Color, bringing Frozen Blue Metallic to the lower front bumper and more. Inside, I kept it light with a two-tone black and Limestone Beige leather interior, adding a touch of class with Porsche’s Summerwood trim. The Sport Chrono package, Electric Sport Sound, and other luxuries pushed the total to $140,940. Nuts, right? But oh, the joy of owning this beauty!

Managing Editor Greg Rasa: A Tempting Candy Store Experience

Configuring a Porsche is like wandering into a candy store – you plan on getting one thing, but the temptations overwhelm you. Opting for the base 4 model, I aimed for a modest Macan EV. Oak Green Metallic Neo set the tone, and I tried to be selective with options, but the candy sack overflowed at $89,320. Yet, I managed to stay under $90 grand! And if I’m going all in, why not throw in a custom-built Porsche Design chronograph for an extra $6,881?

Associate Editor Byron Hurd: Partying Like It’s 1999 with a Nostalgic Touch

My first car was a green VW Passat, and nostalgia led me to recreate that magic with the Macan. Opting for green over tan, my choices added up to $127,090. Sheesh! But hey, who can resist the allure of the ’90s, especially when paired with the power and options of the Macan?

News Editor Joel Stocksdale: Aesthetic Choices and Performance Focus

Originally planning for a modest Macan 4, the allure of power and the EV’s weight led me to the Turbo. Copper Ruby Metallic won the color battle, complementing my interior choice of Blackberry. A short options list, focusing on performance and function, brought my total to $119,520. Not bad for a personalized electric Porsche!

Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore: A Classic Touch with Dark Green Elegance

With a fondness for dark green Porsches, I opted for a similarly shaded Macan EV. Club leather truffle interiors, 22-inch Porsche Design wheels, and LED matrix headlights added flair. For $96,890, I’m out the door, embracing the electric allure with a touch of retro vibes.