Detroit Auto Show Returns to Winter Vibes in 2025

Is it even the Detroit Auto Show if your face isn’t freezing off? Winter in Detroit brought a unique charm to the show, making it a much-anticipated event amid the crisp January days. However, the allure shifted when they ventured into summer shows. But guess what? Winter is making a comeback!

Back to January: The Iconic Debut in 2025

The North American International Auto Show is set to reclaim its January glory in 2025. The Detroit Auto Dealers Association, the show’s producers, declared that the late-summer 2024 show is a no-go, and the event is reverting to its original winter schedule.

Rod Alberts, the executive director of the Detroit Auto Show and Detroit Auto Dealers Association, shared, “We’re excited to announce the iconic show’s return to its roots with a January 2025 debut. Our main goal is to create the most impactful event possible, and after chatting with various groups, we firmly believe a January date just makes the most sense. Amid the ever-changing global automotive landscape, this update reflects our commitment to reinventing the Detroit Auto Show while keeping our traditional focus – getting people hyped about cars.”

Claude Molinari, President and CEO of the convention bureau, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “The Detroit and Southeast Michigan hospitality community is thrilled by this move to have an incredible show during a time of the year that historically hasn’t been the best for major meetings and conventions.”

Season Shift: Challenges and Opportunities

The decision to move back to January came after organizers faced difficulties attracting families during the back-to-school frenzy (the 2023 show was in mid-September). Returning to January eliminates one of the perks of a September show: the pleasant outdoor setting. Originally aiming for June before the pandemic, the organizers eventually settled for a later slot in 2021. While the 2024 show spilled into downtown Detroit’s outdoor spaces, featuring the unveiling of the 2024 Mustang in Hart Plaza, the possibility of seeing more from the Detroit Three might outweigh the outdoor advantage.

The show’s kickoff is scheduled for Friday, January 10, 2025, with the Red Carpet Charity Preview, also known as the midwinter Car Prom. Public days will follow from January 11-20 at Huntington Place in downtown Detroit. Get ready for a chilly but thrilling auto extravaganza!