AC Future Unveils Futuristic Camper at CES: Meet the eTH

AC Future Unveils Futuristic Camper at CES: Meet the eTH

California-based startup AC Future has teamed up with renowned design house Pininfarina to create a revolutionary camper known as the eTH, short for electric transformer house. The recent reveal at CES showcases the eTH’s standout feature: its ability to transform into a spacious 400-square-foot living area.

Transforming Marvel: The eTH’s Party Trick

Measuring 240 inches in length and 96 inches in width, the eTH expands through a transformative process, unfolding to reveal an additional 96 inches on one side, supported by protruding legs. This expansion creates room for a generous bed and living area. On the other side, a 30-inch extension provides more kitchen and preparation space. The rear also slides out an impressive 96 inches, accommodating another bed and walkway. While the video from AC Future portrays a luxurious setting, it’s essential to approach this with a bit of skepticism, as a production vehicle may still be several years away.

Powertrain Mystery and Sustainable Features

AC Future remains tight-lipped about the eTH’s powertrain details but hints at the possibility of an electric, gasoline-powered, or a hybrid version. The camper boasts a gross vehicle weight rating of 19,000 pounds, although the curb weight is unknown. Power during extended parking periods is facilitated by a substantial array of solar panels, including additional ones on the slideout roofs, capable of capturing at least 25 kilowatt-hours of energy per day in ideal conditions. The roof-mounted water generator captures moisture from the air, producing up to 13 gallons of water daily.

In the cockpit, the photos reveal a straightforward dash with controls centralized on a rotating touchscreen. The passenger enjoys a dedicated workspace, and AC Future suggests self-driving capabilities, showcasing an animated folding steering wheel.

The collaboration with Pininfarina adds a touch of prestige to the project, emphasizing the eTH’s design as a standout feature. While this futuristic camper is currently in the realm of concept vehicles, the involvement of such a renowned design house sparks hope for its eventual production in the coming decade.